“Help me find my  place in society”

  • Application of the Montessori method 12-15 applicable to Parisian life, combined with alternative methods such as Steiner, Decroly, and Freinet
  • 3 qualified educators: 2 native French speakers + 1 native English speaker
  • 2 language teachers: German and Spanish 
  • 1 PE teacher
  • Specialized instructors: cooking, permaculture, new technologies, improvisation…
  • Integration of pedagogical tools to develop best practices.

The intersection between new pedagogies and the acquisition of skills in the National Education’s core curriculum: 

  • 4 formal learning areas: Language, Mathematics, Science, Social sciences 
  • Economic independence through micro-enterprise, organization of group life, social life, artistic projects, interest-based learning, scientific approach, and cooperative work
  • Personalized follow-up for each student, small group presentations, and projects…
  • Presentation of the “Brevet des Collèges” and various certifications

Schedules : 

8h45-17h00 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays – 16h00 on Fridays

8h45- 12h00 Wednesdays

Contact us

3 rue Amélie 75007 Paris
infos@ellipsema.com 01 45 00 66 25
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